Our Mission is very simple – lay the foundation to teach the next generations about our Indian Culture and Heritage so we can pass on that knowledge for years to come.

The Start

Here's the story of how GCANA began.

Formed as a non-profit organization in January 2009 by individuals who felt there was a need for activities focused for children and to promote Indian culture and values. Anyone can volunteer and participate in any of the events. 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt organization granted in November 2009

The Foundation Years

With no membership fees, the initial years involved a lot of door – to door messaging. Our vision was never to ask for donations. If people feel we have vision they would like to be part of, then this is the organization to join and volunteer for. Encourage families to participate in our events, create family memories. We strived to provide a first class event every year and ALWAYS start on time. With years people began to trust the leadership team and gained confidence in our performance. Today, with no membership fees GCANA is able to provide first class events from donations.

Social and Green Initiatives

GCANA is socially and environmentally responsible and is committed to conducting events in ways that are good for the planet and mankind.

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